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Last Updated 25th September 2022

Jo and David's
Swingers Party Information

  • Party Name: Jo and David's Parties
  • Category: Swingers Parties
  • Running Since: 01 October, 2021
  • Location: Saint Andrews.
  • Website URL:
  • About:
    • Jo and David run 1 or 2 swingers house parties each month.
    • Each party has a theme and limits on participants.
    • Couples and Ladies: Only mixed sex couples and Single Ladies are invited.
    • Couples and Singles: Mixed sex couples, a limited number of Single Ladies, a limited number of single men.
    • Greedy Girl Nights: Couples and Singles, ratio of 1½ or 2 men per lady.
    • Admittance controlled by guestlist: Members only.
    • All guests are swingers, no paid hosts or hostesses, no working girls.

Visit website for full details, how to book, guestlists and future events.

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