What Happens at a Social?

What Happens at a Social?

What to expect at a Lifestyle Social

Social nights are usually very laid back nights, where you can talk to other people about Sex, Swinging, BDSM and your Fetishes and Fantasies without causing offence, without being judged and without being thought weird or unusual.

There is no full-on sexual activity at a social, though you may catch a fumble in a dark corner, or arrange to go back to someone's apartment or hotel at the end of the evening.

At all lifestyle events the word no always meand NO - Stop what you are doing.

Do not discriminate against others, you may think their lifestyle choices are wierd, but they could well feel the same way about yours. Live and let live.

You Should:

  • Enjoy yourself.
  • If meeting at a bar or hotel: Pay your own way (buy a round, or just buy your own drinks).
  • If meeting at someones home: Take a few drinks with you.
  • Be polite to others who attend.
  • Let others down gently if you don't want to meet them.
  • Accept rejection with grace, everyone is looking for something or someone different, your opportunity will come.

Most hosts will not:

  • Charge any fees - unless they have to cover the cost or renting a meeting space.
  • Guarantee you will meet a compatible person or couple.
  • Expect you to be judgemental of others.
  • Want to have to apologise to a landlord for arguments.

What might happen:

  • You may get asked for your phone number or email address. Only give the information out if you are interested in meeting the person.
  • If the meet is in a hotel you may get asked to join someone in a room.